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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What are backlinks                                              
Backlinks are known as incoming links /inbound / inward links. That’s mean getting links to your site from other sites. It is very important in the Search Engine Optimization. Because having much Backlinks there is good chance to get rank in the top search engines and also can get good position on the Google. All search engines already have included backlinks factor in their search algorithm to identify qualities of the web sites and rank on the SEs.     

What are Quality Backlinks
Links that come from any other sites which related to your site content are known as quality backlinks.  Let’s assume our site is related to SEO services. If we build a link to your site from a site that related to education topic it’s not a quality link. Because both are having two difference topics.  There for always try to get links to your web site from relevant or same content sites. When you create links in other sites, traffic will be generated through those sites.  It will help you getting good Page Rank as well as more natural visitors.

Don’t use automated systems to create links. Top level SE's have technical tools and systems to identify whether it is automated or not. If they understand that your links are artificial and unnatural related to web site category, definitely they will penalize your site. Therefore try to build web pages according to search engine guidelines.

There are two types of Backlinks
  • No follow                                                              
  • Do follow

Key points for Link Building
  1. Do Blog comment on High Page Rank sites that same to your field. (Most powerful and very fast way to boost visitors and sales)
  2. If you have more web sites/blogs, don’t build links using your own sites, most of the peoples Crete web sites and build links with those sites. It’s not good way in the SEO.
  3. Try to generate links as a circle.
  4. No value creating links between two sites as a mutual link. But mutual links building with trustworthy sites will help to generate traffic from other site.
  5. Exchange Links with popular and reliable blogs that related to your site content.

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