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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Today Music is a very famous industry and growing fast among all the nations. It is very essential the music for every people to live. So this industry gives good opportunity to earn money in different ways. Most of the individuals and institutions create songs and music videos for selling online to the public.

There are 2 main types of earnings methods
  • Based on downloads
  • Based on views of music videos

All Income depends on the number of peoples who downloaded and viewed the video. For that you have to launch good advertising and promotional plan. If you can spend lot of money, then no issue you can do big promotion on the internet. But you haven’t that much money, what you can do? This is our solution for that. Join with us to create Blog commenting for powerful backlinks.

Commenting on web sites that haven’t any page rank doesn’t give good results. Because search engines give priority for search results on web sites which having backlinks from high page rank sites. We discovered exclusive list of blog sites.

You know it is very difficult to find high page rank blog sites that related to one specific business. Second thing is High page rank site owners don’t approve our comments with web links. That is the main problem. So people give up blog commenting for powerful baclinks. Some people leave comments on PR web sites and think it will generate good traffic. But web owners delete their comments. Final result is no traffic and people think blog commenting is not generate traffic. That is totally wrong thinking.
Now you can download all resources easily

01. 100 High Page Rank Blog list
It is includes 100 music industry blog sites for commenting with your any links. All are 3- 5 year old web sites. This is the only one place that you can find best powerful blog sites. No any other places on the internet.

Illustrated traffic Plan Table

02. 20,000  Blog sites collection  - Owners may interested in Music Industry 

We provide you blog web site more than 20,000. Owners of those sites may interested in music industry. In this section we provide you only exclusive web collection link (to visit blog site need just one click). You can visit to each blog site owners profile, his/ her web site and his/her blog sites collection. Through this links you can reach to more than 200,000 web sites apart from music industry blog list. These resources help you to boost your sales with connecting this web masters. Because you can contact with them through Email address or site.  

Bloggers with an interest in Music - 4600 Blogs Link
Bloggers with an industry of Arts - 4700 Blogs Link
Bloggers with an interest in Movies - 4700 Blogs Link
Bloggers with an interest in Cinema – 4700 Blogs Link
Bloggers with an interest in Theater – 4700 Blogs link
Bloggers with an interest in Film - 4700 Blogs Link
Bloggers with an industry of Communications or Media - 4700 Blogs link
Bloggers with an interest in watching TV and movies - 1000 Blogs Link

03. Face book Member Group lists
Now a day Social media sites are doing great part of the advertising and marketing. Some people do promotional activities on those sites paying big amount of money because more than 70% internet users active on social media sites. That’s means big opportunities available for business mans on the internet. Facebook.com (PR9) is the number one site to pick your buyers. No need to pay for face book marketing.
This method help you get instant traffic when you publishing product or services.

04.Email Address Database List
Email marketing is famous way to do business. In the business world, email promotion is the easiest way to connect with peoples for business deals. Compare with other ways cost is very low and it saves valuable time.

This music industry traffic package brings unlimited number of visitors of your site. Use these all resources as much as possible for your success. Because we want to cater for small to medium business web owners their success. If you can follow those steps definitely you will receive unlimited persons to your web site. Some people pay more than 1000$ per month for advertising. But you can get same results using these resources.

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