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We are the only one blog site which gives unlimited unique web traffic generating Services at huge discounted prices. We have not agent or any other partners on the internet to provide these services. This is the only one place that you can buy our product and services. 

These general terms and conditions regulate the services, rights and duties between you (buyer, Customer) and us (LEADSDATABASES).

1.) Service Provided
LEADSDATABASES facilitates services, which allows individuals, companies or any other organizations to buy services from LEADSDATABASES (www.leadsdatabases.blogspot.com). Our services may be priced from 5$ to 100$ United States Dollars.

2.) Services limitations
We do not provide services for followings.
    Adult material 
    X-rated services
    Illegal services or products

LEADSDATABASES have the right to decline any order and refund your all payment without a reason stated.

3.) Buyer Protection
LEADSDATABASES spent a lot of time and effort into making sure all our services on LEADSDATABASES meet our Quality Guidelines.  If we can’t provide good service for your order within an acceptable time period orders will be cancelled and all amount will credited to the Buyer´s account balance.

4.) Terms of Payments
All orders must be paid to only our PayPal account balance at the time of ordering. LEADSDATABASES holds the payment until your order is completed and pays it to our Revenue account after the Buyer has completed the.
We don’t accept cheque payment.
Services should be ordered using the "Buy Now" button.

5.) Order Procedure
After payment has made by the buyer, Service orders will be started within 48hours (Only for the services).Buyer will be notified the order status by email time to time. Other products related download links are given/shown you when the payment is completed. LEADSDATABASES have the right to take up to 72 hours start service orders when LEADSDATABASES Team is receiving heavy orders. If the LEADSDATABASES not started your order within maximum 72 hours Buyer have the right to cancel or extend the starting time of the order confirming by an Email.

6.) Late Delivery
If an order delivery is past due, the buyer have the right to cancel or extend delivery / completion date by an Email  

7.) Mutual Order Cancellation
Both, Buyer and Seller may at any time mutually cancel the order. Money from cancellations will be refunded to the Buyer´s account balance.

8.) Disputes
LEADSDATABASES inform you to resolve issues regarding our services by Emails. If for any reason this process fails, you can contact us at our contact us page. If necessary, refunds will be proceed into the Buyer´s refund requests.
LEADSDATABASES reserves the right to cancel and refund any order at any time without a reason.

9.) Limitations of liability
Under any circumstance LEADSDATABASES is not liable for anything after accepting our services. Paypal refunded only.

10.) Payment Disputes
You agree to firstly file a payment dispute with us through Email or using our contact us page not through Paypal .Contact our LEADSDATABASES support team. They will help you solve payment issues.

11.) Notifications
All notifications have to be transmitted via email  
12.) Acceptance
Customer fully accepts these terms & conditions upon use of the LEADSDATABASES website. LEADSDATABASES may make changes to its Terms of Services time to time.



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