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Friday, January 16, 2015

We know some people leave comments in different places just putting their web links. They don’t know how to connect with web posts and attract readers. To get best results there is a way you should follow. So we are going to teach you most important things you should keep in mind before creating powerful blog backlinks. If you can go behind these tips easily you will be successful with unbeatable results

01. Comments on only sites that related to your content
Relevancy is the very important part of the blog commenting. First of all read the blog content carefully and after that try to put a comment that related to post content. If the web site you visited not related to your web content, don’t put your links. Because no point getting visitors those not interested in your content or industry. Please remember putting blog comments that too different contents to the content are considered as spam.  

02. Use controversial topics 
People like to read and follow controversial articles. Most of the visitors refer these types of lessons. So if you can create link building on those pages, you will grab huge number of visitors at once.

03. Add more value to post with new ideas
Try to add much important quality discussions to the original post rather than putting “good post” in the comments section. This is the only way to show your personality.

04. Try to be one of the first few commentators.
If you add something to the original post earliest all other readers show and read your comment. It will drive massive publicity to your post.

05. Write detailed and meaningful Comments
Better to leave long comments with minimum 3 or 4 sentences. We can see some people write just one sentence without any meaning. Then readers get to know that persons came to publish their links and as a spammer.

06. Write in new perspectives
Most of people write and talk about one side of something. So readers try to skip similar comments.  But you try to see in a different point of view s regarding same thing.  

07. Build relationship with author of the site.
Always try to build rapport with blog or web site owner. Take time and slowly - slowly be friend with the person. For that you can start your comment with writer name. It feels more personnel to the writer. In the long run you can reap the harvest. That’s mean you will have to get business deals with their ordinance.

08. Be different. 
If you can be a different person in leaving ideas, it helps you to be special person among others. So others will follow you and wait to see till you are posting comments

09. Use your Real names .Because it gives natural human touch.
Don’t use fake names or business names when you are posting comments. Always try to publish your name. It increases confidence of the other readers.

10. Reply to First Commenter
You can reply to comments on the any specific post. For bests results you can reply to first commenter .then most of the visitors and reader will see your comment. It will catch huge number of readers to your room.

In addition to the above tips you can keep in mind this information also. Don’t use spam words like “blog, post” when you are publishing comments.


  1. Nice article. Very helpful to me as a newcomer